Get Wyld.

Get Fit

The Journey Within 

The journey within is a reality inside of each and every one of us. There are two journeys we embark on in life. One more tangible than the other. The first journey is the one visible to the external world, where you choose to reside, how you live your life, what paths you choose to walk on. The second journey is within, we are born with it, it is sparked from our deep true essence, our TRUTH. Ultimately, we look to synchronize the two journeys together, so that we are living our truth and driven by passion. 

The Other side..

Most of us roleplay in our day to day life. We are mothers in one moment, daughters in another. Sometimes we are a friend, an employee, a student, and the list goes on. Yet we all have that other side inside of us, the one that knows no labels and has no limitations. The Other Side is a side where dreams are possible and conquered.